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Many people invested time, knowledge or other assets to make this project happen. What they have in common is their love for plant medicine and it’s message to the world. The honorable mentions:

Thank you Bruce Parry for lending us the wise words from your wonderful film.!

Thank you Ernesto from the Kogi tribe,

Thank you William Torres  

Thank you Querubín Queta and David Queta from the Kofán tribe,

Thank you Matthias Tanzer

Thank you Roger Martinez,

Thank you Jane Snijders

Thank you Matthew Barley & Duncan Bridgeman for inspiration.

Thank you Kassandra for making the magic drums many years ago,

Thank you Eike for the tailor-made Slovenian flute,

Thank you Wieke for retuning the harmonicas into the typical Andes sound,

Thank you Tobias for the Cosmic Bow

Thank you Sasa Ostoja for making this beautiful artwork. Check his FB and IG Account here

Thank you Sara Kee for writing the biographies and the album texts.

Thank you Gerrit Kalsbeek for your recordings of sounds from the Amazon

Thank you Niall Cameron for fixing & mixing the remixes

Thank you Sullexstudio for mixing and mastering the originals

Thank you Stani Ferraiolo for your tight bass solo

Thank you Alice Roberts for your heavenly harp.

Thank you Maik Snippe for the Bagpipes.

Thank you Christiaan Lippmann for the Hang and Bandola recordings and your fantastic studio.

Thank you Mark Groot Kormelink for the other recordings.

Thank you Mick Jonkman for designing the CD booklet

Thank you all our friends and family of the Sacha Huasi Maloca 

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