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Arno Adelaars: Drum, Maracas, Flute, Halo Handpan, Mouth harp, Harmonica, Chacapa, Vocals

Jan Frank Gerards: Drum, Harmonica, Bandola, RAV Handpan, Chacapa


Bart Engel: Synthesizers & programming on all remixes.


Guest appearences:

Voice over on ‘The Onset’ and ‘The Flower and the Bumblebee’ by Bruce Parry (a documentary filmmaker, known for his films with Indigenous Peoples around the world. The sample comes from, “Ayahuasca - a short film” (free on youtube) which is an outtake of Bruce’s film, “Tawai, a voice from the forest”).

Vocals on ‘Return to Wirikuta’ by Mara’akame Don Toño Carillo from the Huichol tribe in Mexico. Recording is a sound excerpt of a film by the crew of This track is a homage to the wonderful people of the Huichol tribe and a contribution to raise awareness for their struggles. 

Vocals on ‘Butterly Garden’ by Shipibo Shaman Elena from the San Francisco village, near Pucallpa, Peru. 


Jungle Sounds and explanatory voices on CD1 have kindly been made available by Gerrit Kalsbeek from his trips to the Amazon.


Stani Ferraiolo plays bass on Urban Otorongo,

Alice Roberts ( plays Harp on Deep Mirror,

Maik Snippe plays Bagpipe on Bolero Bandola.

Listen to Originals

CD 1 (Original Ceremony Music)

  1. Huaira Sacha

  2. Yagé & Chacropanga 

  3. Aluna

  4. Icaro Whistle

  5. Ballad for Pachamama

  6. Kuntur

  7. Cosmic Bandola 

  8. Inti Taita

  9. Ayahuasca Huasi

  10. Mama Killa

  11. Otorongo

  12. Pachakamaq

  13. Caapi 

  14. Chakruna 

Listen to Remixes

CD2 (Ceremony Remixes)

  1. The Onset 

  2. Chrysantemum

  3. Huasi de Ayahuasca

  4. Return to Wiritkuta (before they pass away)

  5. A Voice from the Forest

  6. Arctic Kuntur

  7. Butterfly Garden

  8. Hidi

  9. Urban Otorongo

  10. Aloonah

  11. Bolero Bandola

  12. Deep Mirror

  13. The Flower & the Bumblebee

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