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"everytime I have partaken in something like this

it has been a completely different experience

there is no knowing what the night might bring

there can be a lot of fear

fear of letting go 

of trusting, of believing

of allowing the medicine to do its work

the questioning mind so often getting in the way

but, invited or not, the vitality of these plants are strong

the kind of physical, emotional and mental cleansing 

that can feel like the guidance of nature herself

washing through the body 

leaving insights and images

often painful but somehow always gratefully received

and with these insights

its possible to see where life is out of balance

the effect of decisions on others

the way life is lead

and from there

a new path can unfold

if the willingness and courage can be found...."

- Bruce Parry - 

Dear visitor,

Ayahuasca has had a tremendous positive impact on our lives. This is a project out of gratitude. We recorded original ayahuasca ceremony music and made remixes to mirror the depth of these ceremonies. 

We hope you will appreciate it and support us by sharing the music. Proceeds of this projects are donated to the preservation of plant medicinal knowledge, scientific research into Ayahuasca and the ICEERS Ayahuasca Defense Fund who are aiming to create a world where ayahuasca and other psychoactive plants can be used legally and safely. The Ayahuasce Defense Fund unites state-of-the-art legal, scientific, community, and public policy expertise. Through the fund Iceers serve the community by working with defendants worldwide, providing reliable expert information and promoting sensible public policy. 

We are already in the middle of making new recordings so keep checking in for new new material as it arrives! You can help us by following us in spotify, adding your favourite tracks to your playlists and off course by sharing our music with people that you think may appreciate it. 

We do not organize ceremonies and cannot answer questions about this (Sorry, we hope you understand). If you do wish to partake in a ceremony make sure you find an experienced shaman. 

The Sacha Huasi Music Team (Contact:,

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Ayahuasca // Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry is a documentary filmmaker, known for his films with Indigenous Peoples around the world. He first drank ayahuasca on his eight month trip down the Amazon for the BBC where audiences got to watch him purge some of his innermost demons. Bruce is an advocate for the responsible use of plant medicines to aid the much needed journey to heal our individual and cultural wounds and feel more respect again for the environment that supports us. Our remix album (CD2) contains a few spoken words from this film which is an outtake of the film, “Tawai, a voice from the forest”. Bruce has kindly granted us permission to use them. 

We were delighted by his kind words on our music project: "You have really captured something with this, I hope it goes far and wide!" 

The samples of the shamans and the Jungle on the original album (CD1) have been carfully selected and kindly made available by Gerrit Kalsbeek.

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